Founded on the obsession of elegant and intricate dresses, L’Astelle prides itself in providing one-of-a-kind, custom-made work of art for any special event. We believe nothing is more valuable than seeing our estatic client feeling the most beautiful. Here at L’Astelle, we partner with you to perfect our dress to your body; whether to enhance your curves or hide certain parts. Our goal is to make you the heavenly centre of attention.



Our signature embroidery celebrates the true meaning of craftsmanship. A combi- nation of micro-materials such as crystal beads, bugles and xillions are incorporat- ed to create sophisticated lines and curves, as well as extra sparkles and femininity to our gown. Love Sonnet collection also introduces the use of comb-through Ostrich feathers which are ethically soured and will be a staple for other collections to come.

These modest adornments are discretey organised together to create flourishs and mirage. Each pattern is exclusively designed and strategically placed to elevate our body. Once a design is settled, it will be sent to France to get embroided and em- bossed by our seamstress and sent back to be assembled in our Atelier with delicacy and finesse.